Bring a new member into your circle

Create an easy way for your new team members to engage - easing the onboarding process and creating a sense of belonging


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helps you welcome new members to your team

Establish your team's norms and promote enthusiasm for what makes each of you unique
Unearth common connections to build meaningful relationships
Make the individuals on your team feel noticed & cared about

Build stronger, more valuable relationships

Capitalize on each of your team member's individual strengths by sparking conversations that highlight unique interests and capabilities.

Build confidence and create a support system

So new team members feel comfortable relying on their colleagues and know where to turn with questions.

Accelerate the onboarding process

So your new team member can start contributing and engaging faster.
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Scheduled Conversation Starters

Get to know your team members - and help them get to know one another - with conversation starters rooted in friendship psychology.

Message Blasts

Have an event coming up? Let Kathi remind your team about event logistics or who is bringing what to your next office trivia night.

Sentiment Analysis

Keep a pulse on how your new team members are feeling without ever sending a survey.

Engage your team and collaborate asynchronously

Ensure each member of your team feels seen and appreciated — not only by their managers, but by the whole team.
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Highlight individual achievements

Celebrate each person for who they are and what they care about by sparking the right conversation at the right time.

Empower collaboration

Unlock the power of collaboration by lowering the barrier to genuine, authentic, reliable relationships.

Relieve the time pressure

Remote work often means asynchronous schedules. ChattyKathi sparks fun conversation in a safe space – without setting up another virtual meeting.
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Michelle McIlraith headshot
Michelle McIlraith
Uses ChattyKathi to feel comfortable in their new team
"I was nervous to start my new job but ChattyKathi helped me feel comfortable. By asking questions centered around our personality instead of our qualifications, it was easier to get to know my new colleagues as humans instead of job titles."
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Katie Johnson
uses ChattyKathi to get to know their new team while working remotely
"I had joined a new company in a remote position for the first time and I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to really get to know my co-workers. Since my team received conversation starters from Kathi two times a week, getting to know my team was so much easier than I could have hoped for."
Evan Smith headshot
Evan Smith
uses ChattyKathi to build friendships with their colleagues
"I recently joined a new team as part of a temp job, and I was added to their ChattyKathi group. I'm normally anxious when meeting new people but the chat allowed me to get to know everyone and skip that awkward newcomer phase. By my second week, we already felt like good friends."
Elise Miller headshot
Elise Miller
uses ChattyKathi to find common interests with new teammates
"I feel very fortunate that the company I'm working at utilizes ChattyKathi. During my first week on the job, Kathi asked a question about Star Wars which led to a fun and lively conversation. I immediately knew I was in good company and had made the right decision to join the team."
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Recognize your team members for their contributions

Notice and celebrate your team members' achievements - both within and outside work.

Build confidence and create a support system

Establish a culture of trust and acceptance from day one so that your new team members are able to contribute as their authentic selves.

Make seamless collaboration happen faster

When teams know one another well, they work together well. Speed up the 'getting to know you' process and help you team reach effective and creative solutions to your challenges through seamless collaboration.
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Make your team members feel seen and appreciated

When you know who your team members are outside the context of their job, you know what matters to them. Ensure that your feedback and your support are actually creating an impact.

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