Supercharge your students’ support network

Invite all students into the conversation by creating safe spaces for them to find their niche and share who they really are


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helps you speed up the ‘getting to know you’ process

Create accessible, safe spaces for shared conversations
Include all types of communicators -- introverts and extroverts alike
Prompts that move past the usual conversations and get to the good stuff, faster

Safe spaces where real conversations happen

Students want to make connections and build friendships. But it's hard to know how to start the right conversation and when it's ok to open up and be yourself. ChattyKathi helps take away that pressure.

Help them know what to say

ChattyKathi takes the pressure off students to know how to start the right conversation to build a relationship. We have 1,000+ prompts proven by friendship psychology to bring them closer together.

Remove the time pressure

Frequency is one of the key ingredients to friendship. ChattyKathi sends prompts 1-3 x each week, so your students don't lose out if they don't remember to follow up.
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Abusive Language Monitoring

Ensure that the conversations that bring your students together are supportive. ChattyKathi's abusive language blocker ensures that conversations stay clean!

Message Blasts

So your students can engage easily without having to take time out of their busy schedules.

Sentiment Analysis

Keep a pulse on how your students are feeling without ever sending a survey.

Lasting friendships should be available to everyone

As a school administrator, it's challenging to create programs inclusive of everyone in the student body. ChattyKathi's private setting opens the door for all types of communicators to take part — without putting anyone on the spot.
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Inclusive Conversations

Prompts are carefully written to ensure all conversations are inclusive and welcoming for all students.

Remove the tough barriers

ChattyKathi questions are fully virtual. That means barriers such as a lack of familiarity or needing a moment to figure out how to reply don't have to mean losing out.

Results You Can Count On

ChattyKathi's analytics will give you insight into which students are thriving, and which could use a little extra support. You already have support systems in place - let ChattyKathi help you understand when they're needed.
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Courtney Byer headshot
Courtney Byer
UVA Darden School of Business, Student Club President
uses ChattyKathi with her team to bring them closer together and facilitate collaboration
“I love the ChattyKathi group texts. The prompts sent every week are creative, spark entertaining conversation, and allow us to get to know random fun facts about each other. I always look forward to our weekly question, and I definitely recommend ChattyKathi to any group of friends or colleagues looking for a new way to interact.
Dana Tumpowski headshot
Dana Trumpowsky
Director, Hillel for Utah
uses ChattyKathi to promote inclusion and Jewish Identify for college students in Utah
"CK has been a good partnership - their team is responsive, adaptable, and attuned to a communication style that works with our student population. Highly recommend!"
Briana Young headshot
Briana Young
uses ChattyKathi to advance student success
"After using ChattyKathi to introduce new students to one another before starting our intensive program, students started better supporting one another. We had a high graduation rate in that cohort, and canceled some of our weekly meetings on student conflict. They just weren't necessary any more."
Elana Fauth headshot
Elana Fauth
uses ChattyKathi to build camaraderie between student leaders
"Using Chatty Kathi has helped to foster connection between our student leader groups, and other cohorts! In a digital COVID age, it's so important to have outlets for students to connect with each other in virtual spaces, and to have the freedom to learn more about each other casually, with a low barrier to entry. The camaraderie of our students has increased tenfold with the introduction of ChattyKathi chats!"
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The expertise of friendship psychologists applied to your community

We don't all have time to figure out what the key ingredients are to successful relationships. Luckily, the team at ChattyKathi has already done the work for you! We are here to help you every step of the way.

Customizable Questions

Your Account Manager is here to help you customize engaging content for your community - regardless of how specific the request.

Set end dates for chats

Want to use ChattyKathi to help a study abroad group prepare for their travels, but want to turn the prompts off after the trip concludes? Easy peasy.

Learn what it means to belong as a member of your community.

Customers have opportunities to dive deeper into their groups with a personalized look from trained facilitators to understand how you can build a lasting, inclusive student community.
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Explore More Ways to Use ChattyKathi

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to Welcome a New Member to Your Team

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to Foster Cross-Department Connections

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to Keep Your Hybrid Team Connected

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