Bring the pizazz back to your in-person events

Ensure in-person experiences for your hybrid team really make people feel more connected


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empowers your hybrid team

Inspire virtual connections that power real-life relationships
Create programming that makes everyone on your team excited to engage
Connect like-minded people through fun interactions

Create virtual connections that power real-life relationships

Ensure time spent together makes each member of your team feel more connected.

Spark real life conversations

It's hard to figure out what questions to ask to start a lasting relationship. That's why ChattyKathi has 1,000+ prompts that proven by friendship psychology to bring users closer together.

Provide a starting point

Coming together after working remotely can be intimidating! ChattyKathi allows your team to start relationships with each other that aren't just based on work.
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Invite all types of communicators to contribute

Private psychology-driven conversations ensure each conversation is open and inclusive to everyone.

Customized content

ChattyKathi's experts are on call to help you write custom questions tailored to your unique community.

Insights Made Easy

New members create a ChattyKathi profile outlining their interests. This way, you can better understand who they are outside of work.

Promote engagement through meaningful conversations

As a team leader, it can be challenging to create programs inclusive of everyone on your team. ChattyKathi's private setting helps open the door for all types of communicators to take part without putting anyone on the spot.
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Customized Content

ChattyKathi's account managers are on call to author custom prompts tailored to your goals. Want start a conversation to galvanize enthusiasm for a upcoming event? We've got you covered.

Remove the tough barriers

ChattyKathi questions are fully virtual. That means barriers such as a lack of familiarity or needing a moment to figure out how to reply don't have to mean losing out.

Results You Can Count On

ChattyKathi's analytics will give you insight into which staffers are thriving, and which could use a little extra support. Make better use of the support systems you already have in place by knowing when they need to be applied.
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Zoe McCallister headshot
Zoe McCallister
Uses ChattyKathi to boost attendance and engagement at quarterly, regional in-person meetings
"Our company has offices all over the country. Each quarter, regional offices host a week of meetings for team leaders to come together. We just resumed hosting these gatherings in person earlier this year, and really struggled to get attendance! Since starting to use ChattyKathi, our attendance at each regional meeting has tripled. Everyone was just really intimidated to travel and spend time in person with people they had never met! Now, the gatherings drive collaboration - and are way more fun!"
Robin Miller headshot
Robin Miller
uses ChattyKathi to galvanize interest in fun team building activities
"Our company is based in Denver, and most of our staff are locals. We decided through the pandemic to go fully remote, but still want to find ways to get together from time to time. We started hosting happy hours, trivia nights, karaoke - you name it - to try to recreate the fun culture we had before COVID. These events really started to click after we began using ChattyKathi. Because people already talked about non-work things during the week, it was much easier to us have fun together!"
Andrew Brooks headshot
Andrew Brooks
uses ChattyKathi to break down barriers and help new team members get to know one another
"We have heard from many employees that traveling for work feels a lot harder than it used to. People don't have the same connections with one another that they did pre-pandemic, and it can be intimidating to walk into a big crowd of people and not know who to talk to. ChattyKathi has helped our teams know that there's at least a handful of people within the company they can trust and connect with - virtually or in person."
Leona Miller headshot
Leona Merrill
uses ChattyKathi to break down barriers and get to know new members of quickly-growing teams  
"As the team lead, I've struggled to find ways for my team to bond . Once I started using ChattyKathi, I felt so much relief knowing that my team could get to know each other without having to plan team bonding activities that felt tired and reused."
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Connect like-minded people through fun interactions

Your company is growing - and that's terrific! But it can be daunting to create a supportive culture while getting to know everyone on your team - especially without in-person interactions. ChattyKathi is here to help.

Profiles to identify unique interests

Your team members are unique, and they need a way to easily share about who they are outside of work. That's where our profiles come in! Team members can select from 100+ interest libraries so you can learn who they are and what they care about.

Forge connections through shared interests

ChattyKathi tailors each chat's prompts to the shared interests of its members. Have a few dog lovers on your team? ChattyKathi will start the right conversation to help them bond over what they have in common: a love of fluffy friends!
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Celebrate what makes your team and your company special

Employees are the personality of your company! Encourage your employees to let their personalities shine so you can create a positive culture unique to your business. Embrace the individuals and your team will be more productive, engaged, and motivated.

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