Make a new team feel like old friends

Break down barriers and make seamless collaboration happen faster


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helps you create trust

and personal connection within teams

Create a safe space for your team members to engage
Make meaningful conversations happen automatically
Gain insight into how your team is really feeling

Create a safe space for your team to engage and thrive

Hybrid and remote work don't have to feel isolating. ChattyKathi provides your team with a secure space for connections to happen with curated chats where you get to share who you are and what you care about.

Small-group settings to spark real connection

Friendship psychology teaches us that small groups are important for building meaningful connections. ChattyKathi's chats are set up for groups to share conversations where everyone has the opportunity to engage.

Secure connection in a virtual space

We care about keeping your data secure! That's why we will never sell your information to anyone - ever.
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Customization for your team's plans

Make connection easy with scheduled recurring conversations.

Message Blasts

Set up to engage on a schedule so your team doesn't have to remember to reach out.

Sentiment Analysis

Keep a pulse on how your students are feeling without ever sending a survey.

Make meaningful conversations happen automatically

Fun, meaningful conversations are essential to building successful relationships. Help your team connect by starting conversations that promote teamwork.
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Continuous Improvement

ChattyKathi's prompts only get better with time. Her algorithm takes note  of which topics resonate with your community, and sends more prompts based on your past engagement. The more you talk, the closer you become.

Remove the barriers

ChattyKathi questions are fully virtual. That means barriers such as a lack of familiarity or needing a moment to figure out how to reply don't have to mean losing out.

Customize your schedule

Choose when and how often your team receives a new prompt based on what works best for you. Have a big meeting scheduled for Friday? Send a prompt Wednesday afternoon to see how everyone is doing. Adding a new team member two weeks after the project starts? Welcome them with open arms by customizing your weekly messages.
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Jim Howe headshot
Jim Howe
uses ChattyKathi to break down barriers with short-term project teams
“ChattyKathi has made a big difference with my teams – it’s easier to get to know each member on a more fun and personal level, and we can start conversations more quickly and have them last longer. I’ve stayed closer with my team members with whom I used ChattyKathi, after our projects ended, than with those of other teams – it’s clear it’s made a difference in building personal connections and networks.”
Erin Evans headshot
Erin Evans
uses ChattyKathi to build cohesion within a new team
"When we landed a new client unexpectedly, I was quickly given a team of people I’d never met before and was told we needed to start delivering for the client immediately. I’d used ChattyKathi for onboarding before, and decided to use it again. I was thrilled with the results - my new team quickly got to learn about one another through the platform, and our first project with the new client was done in record time and to high praise."
Alexis Thomas headshot
Alexis Thomas
uses ChattyKathi to track engagement across teams
"My consulting firm always has about 20-30 different project teams at one time, all remote. These project teams last for about 2-6 months, and then everyone gets moved to a different project. I needed a way to track how engaged my project teams were with one another. ChattyKathi’s analytics let me see which teams were bonding well, and which teams weren’t comfortable with each other yet so I could intervene before conflict came about. It was a game changer, and I look forward to continue using it."
Sam Hinkman headshot
Sam Hinkman
uses ChattyKathi to track engagement across teams
"It's tough to track engagement, but ChattyKathi was an immense help in terms of seeing who could use a gentle nudge. I was able to create custom questions that acknowledged achievements of individuals to make sure they felt included and appreciated, as well as track the quantity of messages exchanged and the overall sentiment within each chat."
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The expertise of friendship psychologists applied to your community

We don't all have time to figure out what the key ingredients are to successful relationships. Luckily, the team at ChattyKathi has already done the work for you! We are here to help you every step of the way.

Customizable Questions

Your Account Manager is here to help you customize specific content for your community.

Set end dates for chats

Want to use ChattyKathi to help a study abroad group prepare for their travels, but want to turn the prompts off after the trip concludes? Easy peasy.
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Know how everyone is doing — for real

ChattyKathi's analytics give you insight into which team members are thriving, and which could use a little extra support. Take the step past a regular survey to really understand how the individuals on your team are doing, one conversation at a time.

Explore More Ways to Use ChattyKathi

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to Supercharge your Students' Support Network

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to Welcome a New Member to Your Team

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to Foster Cross-Department Connections

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