Take the fear out of starting something new

Get to know your new hires and turn colleagues into a coherent team through fun, meaningful interactions designed for the remote workplace  


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helps you turn new hires into a dependable team

Build fun, reliable relationships remotely
Create cohesion within your growing team
Connect like-minded people through fun interactions

Working remotely doesn't have to mean feeling isolated

Help your new hires feel like they belong by facilitating long-lasting, fun relationships without coordinating in-person meet-ups.

Help them know what to say

It's hard to figure out what questions to ask to start a lasting relationship. That's why ChattyKathi has 1,000+ psychology-approved prompts to bring teammates closer.

Remove the time pressure

Frequency is one of the key ingredients to friendship. ChattyKathi sends prompts at the frequency of your choosing, so your team won't lose out if they're too busy to follow up.
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Invite all types of communicators to contribute

Private psychology-driven conversations ensure each conversation is open and inclusive to everyone.

Customized content

ChattyKathi's experts are on call to help you write custom questions tailored to your unique community.

Insights Made Easy

New members create a ChattyKathi profile outlining their interests. This way, you can better understand who they are outside of work.

Promote inclusion through meaningful conversations

As a team leader, it can be challenging to create programs inclusive of everyone on your team. ChattyKathi's private setting helps open the door for all types of communicators to take part without putting anyone on the spot.

Customized Content

ChattyKathi's account managers are on call to author custom prompts tailored to your goals. Want start a conversation to galvanize enthusiasm for an upcoming event? We've got you covered.

Remove the tough barriers

ChattyKathi questions are fully virtual. That means barriers such as a lack of familiarity or needing a moment to figure out how to reply don't have to mean losing out.

Results You Can Count On

ChattyKathi's analytics will give you insight into which staffers are thriving, and which could use a little extra support. Make better use of the support systems you already have in place by knowing when they need to be applied.
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Janny Hanson headshot
Janny Hanson
uses ChattyKathi to protect and promote a fun company culture
"Our company expects to double in size this year - which is crazy! As a scaling startup, we have struggled to figure out how to retain our fun, intimate culture while adding so many new team members. ChattyKathi has helped tremendously. Our chats makes each member of our team feel like they have a real connection with others at the company. That kind of bonding is an important part of who we are!"
Garet Ford headshot
Garet Ford
uses ChattyKathi to personalize the onboarding experience
"ChattyKathi is great for creating a tailored onboarding experience for new staff members. I can customize their introduction and add some simple questions to help them open up a little bit and feel like they're a valued member of the team right from the start."
Ruth Morell headshot
Ruth Morell
uses ChattyKathi to encourage open communication
"Recently, our company has been rapidly growing and we've welcomed groups of new employees. ChattyKathi has been a great way for our new hires to get to know each other and have a channel for open communication."
Matthew Bauman headshot
Matthew Bauman
uses ChattyKathi to make starting a new job feel more approachable
"As the hiring manager at a remote company, I'm responsible for onboarding new employees which can sometimes be overwhelming. I am so thankful for ChattyKathi because I no longer need to stress about ways to help the new hires meet each other and their teams."
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Get to know your new teammates for who they are - outside the scope of their job description

Your company is growing - and that's terrific! But it can be daunting to create a supportive culture while getting to know everyone on your team - especially without in-person interactions. ChattyKathi is here to help.
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Profiles to identify unique interests

Your team members are unique, and they need a way to easily share about who they are outside of work. That's where our profiles come in! Team members can select from 100+ interest libraries so you can learn who they are and what they care about.

Forge connections through shared interests

ChattyKathi tailors each chat's prompts to the shared interests of its members. Have a few dog lovers on your team? ChattyKathi will start the right conversation to help them bond over what they have in common: a love of fluffy friends!

Celebrate what makes your team special

Employees are the personality of your company! Encourage your employees to let their personalities shine so you can create a positive team culture unique to your business. By embracing the individual, the team will have a greater sense of wellbeing, resulting in more productive, engaged, and motivated employees.

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