Eliminate the “us” vs. “them”

Facilitate cross-departmental engagement to unlock effective collaboration between teams


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helps you break down barriers

for cross-department collaborations

Foster cohesion through shared conversations on topics that actually resonate
Unearth common connections to build meaningful relationships
Make everyone feel noticed & trusted

Foster cohesion through captivating conversation

Capitalize on team member's strengths by sparking conversations that highlight their unique capabilities.

Get to the good stuff faster

Skip the awkward phase of cross-department collaboration. Then your teams can produce excellent work — faster.

Build confidence and create a support system

So both your teams  feel comfortable relying on their colleagues and know where to turn with questions.
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Scheduled conversation starters

Get to know your team members - and help them get to know one another - with conversation starters rooted in friendship psychology.

Message Blasts

Have Kathi remind your teams about upcoming events so you don't have to.

Sentiment Analysis

Keep a pulse on how your new team members are feeling without ever sending a survey.

Capitalize on Institutional Knowledge to Empower Teams

Take advantage of what your teams are already doing well by highlighting their success to everyone in your company.
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Make your successes work for you

Ensure one team's success positively impacts the whole company by lowering the barrier to continuous collaboration.

Lower the barrier to collaboration

Need to collaborate with a different department? Kathi can help improve communication by building cross-departmental relationships.

Know how things are progressing in real time

Keep an eye on how your teams are feeling while working together with ChattyKathi's data analytics. You'll know how each team is feeling and understand when someone needs extra support.
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Sam Hanson headshot
Sam Hanson
uses ChattyKathi to change assumptions and find common interests
"I’m a marketing manager, and was told I needed to work with the engineering team to kick off a new marketing campaign. I didn’t know anyone on the engineering team, and they seemed really intimidating. Our company was using ChattyKathi to help teams get to know one another, so I set up a chat with my new engineering team members. Through ChattyKathi, I learned that we’re all big soccer fans. ChattyKathi helped to remind me that they’re just regular people! Even though the project is over, we still chat using ChattyKathi because we really enjoyed getting to know one another!"
Angela Vaughn headshot
Angela Vaughn
uses ChattyKathi to identify synergies in cross-department workflows
ChattyKathi has been a game changer for our company. Our departments are really siloed and each independent for establishing processes and our own workflows. Since we started using ChattyKathi, we have identified a lot of overlap! We are now saving tons of time and effort by building on what our colleagues have started rather than starting from scratch every time there's a new project or workflow.
Rishi Karan headshot
Rishi Karan
uses ChattyKathi to break down bias within his company's culture
"I work in IT, and our department is constantly being talked about. Though we work hard hours to ensure all tech needs are met, other departments didn't like interfacing with us. Our COO recently launched ChattyKathi as a way for members of different teams get to know one another. I can immediately see a difference in how it feels to work with people who are in a chat with me. They're more patient, understanding, and wiling to listen. I really hope we can continue to set up more chats so other department see the same benefit."
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Engage your team and collaborate asynchronously

Ensure each individual member of your team feels seen and appreciated not only by their managers, but by the whole team.

Highlight individual achievements

Celebrate each person for who they are and what they care about by sparking the right conversation at the right time.

Empower collaboration

Unlock the power of collaboration by lowering barriers to authentic relationships.

Relieve the time pressure

Remote work often means asynchronous schedules. ChattyKathi sparks fun conversation in a safe space – without setting up another virtual meeting.
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Explore More Ways to Use ChattyKathi

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to Keep Your Hybrid Team Connected

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to Seamlessly Onboard New Hires

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to Facilitate Project Team Collaboration

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