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Have your team buy into and contribute to building a supportive environment
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Get help navigating hard topics
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Feel like change is actually happening and see real improvements

Building Trust Within Your Team

Duration: 45 minutes
In this Guided Conversation, we will what trust means to your team members and learn how to build it

Fostering Belonging From Far Away

Duration: 45 minutes
In this Guided Conversation, we will investigate how to ensure each member of your team feels at home

Rethinking Resilience

Duration: 45 minutes
In this Guided Conversation, we'll explore how our greatest professional challenges can help you galvanize a more collaborative and motivated team

Overcoming Obstacles to Creativity

Duration: 75 minutes
Learn how to initiate a team dynamic that reveals and promptly addresses the impediments to a collaborative and creative team

Custom Prompt Creation Workshop

Duration: 45 minutes
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Do you struggle with:

Establish norms that are healthy and helpful for everyone on the team

ChattyKathi's guided conversations use Design Thinking to help your team navigate tough topics. We introduce a framework and open conversation to reveal how different members of your team experience your chosen topic. Next, our facilitator captures those insights and helps you build a plan to inform how work gets done.

What you need to do:

Decide your topic
Choose between our different Guided Conversation topics, highlighted above
Schedule the conversation
Pick the date and time for your Guided Conversation with a ChattyKathi facilitator right on the booking page
Have an immediate plan with action steps to see change
Know how to engage each team member in a way that builds trust, and be able to articulate what a healthy team environment looks like to you
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