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Leverage the power of friendship psychology and design thinking to take back ownership of your team dynamic. By removing the ambiguity of wondering how your team is doing, you will be able to intervene when appropriate, offer help in the way your team wants to receive it, and quickly become everyone's favorite manager. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...
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Kathi empowered me to lead

- Steve Iverson, ChattyKathi customer since 2021
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I was promoted to my position as a team project leader after several years with my company. I didn't feel like a natural leader and wasn't confident in managing a team of my peers; I was worried that the change would cause friction in the relationships I'd made with my colleagues. I'm not a perfect communicator and I don't expect others to be either, but sometimes things get lost in translation and we experience setbacks.
Happy co-workers
ChattyKathi has helped me understand that communication and trusting your employees are skills that can be acquired and built upon. Our team chat is a great place for people to share interests and reveals many hidden commonalities. We took the the trust workshop early on, and it empowered me to give my team more agency over their own work. The sentiment analysis also lets me see who's super chatty and who may need a gentle nudge to come out of their shell. Kathi taught me how to lead with empathy, and has shown me that despite missteps and occasional miscommunications, my team is resilient - we believe in one another and learn from our mistakes together.
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