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Customize your icebreakers for the people in the room

With only a 2-minute survey, you can unlock hundreds of personalized ice-breakers tailored to suit dozens of interest areas. Now your team can bond over what they have in common AND you can capture their attention quickly and start your meeting off on the right foot
a sample of our psychologist-approved, personalized meeting starters:

Meeting starters for dog-lovers:

  • What is your pet’s special toy and how do they play with it?
  • How does your pet manipulate you?
  • What is your pet inexplicably afraid of?
  • Share a story of when your pet got in trouble (but, of course, you love them more for it)

Meeting starters for travel enthusiasts:

  • While traveling, what’s the best street food you’ve tried?
  • What country that you've never visited before do you most want to see?
  • What's one place you travelled to that had amazing food? What dish stood out to you?

Meeting starters for aspiring bakers:

  • What vegetable would you wipe from the face of the earth if you could? How did it wrong you?
  • What was one of your favorite desserts at family gatherings when you were a kid?
  • What's one of the best recipes you've made in the last month? Share it with the group if you have it!

Level up your meetings.

Let ChattyKathi be the missing piece and social glue on your team.

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ChattyKathi takes your meetings starters from ho-hum to hurrah!

ChattyKathi uses your team's shared interests to recommend a fun, quick meeting starter prompt that will be sure to capture everyone's immediate attention. Beyond breaking the ice, our questions feel personal and relevant. Now you'll have a better way to engage your team besides just repeating "how was your weekend".


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Hear it from our customers

Meeting starters that really POP!

- Sam Hanson, ChattyKathi customer since 2021
I LOVE ChattyKathi's meeting starter feature. Last month, our team had a meeting interfacing with subject matter experts from other teams within our company. Some of the attendees were pretty senior, and I wanted to make a good impression. I used one of ChattyKathi's recommended meeting starter prompts that was tailored to fit my team's shared interests. In this case, our prompt was to share one recipe that reminds us of growing up. Our team members each took 30 seconds to answer, and passed the floor onto our guests to share if they were willing. They obliged, and I learned that both Joe's and my mother made popcorn in the old fashioned spinning poppers when we were young! It was lovely to find we shared this fun memory in common.
Last week when I ran into Joe on site in Chicago for a training, he remembered! We passed each other in the hallway and he stopped me to say that after that meeting, he decided to buy one of the old poppers and start making popcorn with his own kids. It was really cool to know he remembered me and had been touched by our quick pre-meeting exchange.

Meeting starters that throw you a bone

- Evan Smith, ChattyKathi customer since 2021
As a part of a completely remote (and big) organization, finding the right way to kick off meetings can sometimes be tough, and frankly, awkward – “How was your weekend?” only goes so far, especially during cross-team meetings with staff who just don’t know each other that well.
Our first meeting testing out ChattyKathi meeting starters showed us just how much better our teams could work together with the right kick off. We were on an internal call kicking off a project and the staff on the call hadn’t worked together closely before. Kathi identified us all as being interested in pets (we all have dogs), so when the meeting starter was, “What’s your favorite recent interaction with an animal?”, we of course all had a story. A couple of the stories were so funny, we couldn’t stop laughing. It really kicked off the call – and the project – so well and we had some incredible ideas come forward. Months later, when we finally traveled for an in-person retreat, I ran into one of my coworkers from that project and instantly had something to talk about. Meeting starters really have been a game changer for our connections as coworkers and teams.

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