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ChattyKathi removes the burden of figuring out what each member of your team likes and dislikes. With Kathi's 2-minute survey, we collect all the data you need to plan fun, inclusive activities that make your team members feel seen. We have gobs of amazing event ideas to suit every budget and appeal to even the quirkiest of interests. Now you can rest easy and know that your group of Star Wars-loving, gardening, knitting, cooking enthusiasts will get to spend time bonding over activities they all love.
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Keeping it Kosher

- Jim Howe, ChattyKathi customer since 2021
On a project I was leading last year, I wanted to take the team to a celebratory dinner after a successful meeting. I choose what I thought would be an accommodating restaurant which had many vegetarian options, but neglected to specifically ask my team about specific dietary restrictions.
After arriving at the restaurant, two of my team members gently informed me that they followed a kosher diet and would have to eat at home, since most restaurants don’t follow appropriate preparation processes. Though they assured me that this happens to them all the time, I felt terrible for planning such a non-inclusive event, and wished I had picked a celebration that hadn’t involved dinner.

Since then, I’ve loved using ChattyKathi’s event planning features—in addition to collecting information on dietary preferences, understanding the specific and personal interests of my team helps me pick the perfect celebration.

On my last project, I learned that more than half of my team were huge hockey fans – so we bought tickets for an upcoming game and had a great time!
Team showing paintings done during team event

Happy trees and a happy team

- Mary Beth Ingram, ChattyKathi customer and team member since 2021
One of my favorite parts about working at ChattyKathi is that I get to experience first-hand what we offer to our users. Interacting with my co-workers via the ChattyKathi channel on Slack is something that I look forward to and eagerly anticipate each week. However, my new favorite addition is our curated Events feature!
Our remote team is filled with craft-lovers, so Kathi suggested that we follow along with a Bob Ross painting video. I volunteered to lead this class, so in addition to the affordable paint set we each ordered, I got myself a Bob Ross wig so that I could get into character. We chose to do our event around lunch time, and it was a great way to break up the day with something engaging and relaxing. The best part was seeing each person’s interpretation of the scene at the end – we even had a few people using unconventional materials like oil pastels and markers, so our results were completely different! I can’t wait for the next one.
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