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ChattyKathi ensures your team knows that you really care about getting to know them.

Our algorithm sends your group a personalized conversation starter each week on the platform where you already communicate. Each of our 1000+ questions were developed with friendship psychologists to guarantee each conversation feels fun, meaningful and brings you together. Now, your team will have regular opportunities to go past surface level questions and bond!


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- Ava Anand, ChattyKathi customer since 2022
As an introvert and leader of remote teams, I've always struggled to know how to connect with my colleagues. I want to get to know the people I work with on a personal level, but we never seem to bond.
ChattyKathi has made a HUGE difference. On my last project, I had everyone fill out the short ChattyKathi  survey with our interests, birthdays, etc., and set up a chat for our team to receive weekly prompts in a private slack channel. One of the first questions we got was "What is one thing your dog does to manipulate you?" It turns out - we are all completely obsessed with our dogs. We shared a fun conversation  that day about chew toys and pouting puppies at the vet - and it finally felt like we were able to connect over something we all loved outside work.
The other conversations that we share following Kathi's prompts each week have been great too - but honestly I still love all the dog pics everyone on the team now regularly sends the most :)

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