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ChattyKathi removes the burden of figuring out what each member of your team likes and dislikes.We have gobs of amazing gift ideas to suit every budget and appeal to even the quirkiest of interests. Kathi will also keep track of important dates like birthdays and make sure you don't ever overlook an important occasion again.
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*, Houston News, 2019

Sometimes, wool socks warm you up more than a cup of coffee

- Beth Jenkins, ChattyKathi customer since 2022
I've always liked giving my team little gifts as part of a project. We'll put in back to back weeks with crazy hours, someone will celebrate a birthday, or maybe a team member is going through sometime tough at home and needs a little pick-me-up. I've always just sent them a coffee gift card to show I was thinking of them.
Though generic coffee is still a nice gesture, I can see what a difference it has made for my recent project teams when I started using ChattyKathi's recommendations for my gifts. Last week, Kathi suggested I send a pair of wooly hiking socks to a team member for their birthday, and I found a pair online and had them shipped in less than 5 minutes. Yesterday when she received them, I got a wonderful thank you email and the promise of a picture from the hike she's planning to take while wearing them this weekend.

It was a small moment - but really made me feel good. I was delighted to have spent the $15 on something she'd actually use!

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