Six Ways to Reset and Recenter Without Taking Time Out of Your Day

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Mary Bleech

March 21 2022
Along with the blooming spring flowers this time of year comes a busy agenda: big projects are due, graduation invites are in the mail, and wedding season is just around the corner. It can be easy to lose sight of taking time to care for ourselves, but as our schedules become busier so becomes the need for the intentionality of a self check-in. This doesn’t have to be an inconvenience! Here are quick and accessible ways to recharge your mental well-being:

1. Message your friends
Unsurprisingly, connecting with friends helps to lower stress levels and increase feelings of happiness. But did you know that strong relationships can help lower health risks such as high blood pressure and depression? Companies like ChattyKathi help you find time to talk without the burden of remembering when to reach out or figuring out what to say. By sending a scheduled message to your team several times per week, the platform helps you engage with the people you care about but don’t connect with as often as you’d like. And the best part? No download is required, and it’s free to try at
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2. Learn one new thing
Though many of us don’t have time to pour through books in our spare hours, it’s still possible to learn something new every day. While you scroll through the news or unwind in the evening, take 30 seconds to ask yourself about one thing that you know today that you didn’t know yesterday. This tiny step of recognition can help you keep perspective and be proud of the little accomplishments you achieve every day.

3. Treat yourself
Sometimes resetting and feeling more like yourself in our chaotic world can be as easy as a quick cup of coffee. After a bad night of sleep, just changing up the plan for breakfast and treating yourself to a cappuccino rather than the usual black coffee can put you in a better mood for the rest of the day. Remember that you deserve to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself!
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4. Try meditating
There are so many resources to practice mindfulness in your daily life. A couple of apps we love include Headspace and Insight Timer. Both have programs that help you pay closer attention to your feelings and take more control over your body with fewer than 5 minutes of commitment each day.

5. Get grounded
Don’t want to download yet another app? Practicing mindfulness can be as easy as closing your eyes for a moment and asking yourself how you feel: are the thoughts you’re experiencing mostly positive and productive, or are you spiraling into fears about the future? Take a couple of deep breaths, making your exhale longer than your inhale — this slows down your heart rate as it alerts your body that you’re safe and not in danger.
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6. Go outside
With limits created over the last few years on places to go, heading outside is an and needed escape from the home office. Besides the refresh of a pretty view and crisp air, the benefits of stepping outside for even a few minutes are endless; a boost to the immune system, improved concentration, and a recharge in mental energy are just some of the perks.

So, give these ideas a try! Caring for yourself first allows you to care for others around you later. The best version of yourself will bring out the best in those around you.
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