Keeping Team Motivation High During a Fall Slump

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Mary Bleech

August 20 2022
While our lives may not be back to pre-pandemic normals, effective vaccines and precautionary measures allowed many of us to get the most out of our summers. Whether on a beach vacation with toes in the sand, driving kids to and from summer camps, or soaking in those half-days at work, the season hummed at an adjusted speed. Now, as we enter the busy fall season, employees’ heads might be back with their summer reading list instead of ready to dive into a busy season.From a manager’s perspective, a decline in workplace motivation may cause alarm as the autumn months often mark fresh beginnings for projects and other initiatives. Read along for some tips on how to inspire engagement amongst your team and ensure a new season of motivation and success.
Before we dive into the how-tos, let’s talk about why it’s worth your while to invest in better motivation among your team. Besides the seemingly obvious reason for higher efficiency in the workplace, a recent Gallup poll suggests that motivation and engagement create higher resiliency and a better probability of navigating through conflict and unpredictable times. Further, maintaining a supportive environment with resources to encourage enthusiasm helps to hold a more stable team. After all, two of the highest indicators for resignation in 2021 were the heavy weight on one’s work/life balance and an underappreciation of strong employee performance. This brings us to the umbrella under which sit all the tools you need as a manager looking to motivate your team: intrinsic rewarding.
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If your company’s budget doesn’t allow for intrinsic monetary compensation, never fear. Focus on other areas where you can provide flexibility among your team. For example, can you give your employees more leverage on where they conduct their work? Chances are that they’d appreciate having more of a say here. After all, around 60% of workers said that they’d like to have the option of choosing where they clock in every day.

Intrinsic Rewarding
As this Forbes article suggests, more “extrinsic” rewards, i.e. monetary compensation, are excellent and appreciated short-term bonuses for a job well done. But, they don’t offer the long-term fulfillment needed among a team. Instead, focus on rewarding your team with opportunities that affect their overall well-being. For starters, instead of placing monetary bonuses in the hands of employees directly, consider using these funds to cover the cost of learning opportunities, such as skills courses, which team members can then choose and grow in an area that helps in their current or future roles.
Alternative forms of flexibility benefit your team and the work environment as well, such as involving individual team members in changes made within the company. In fact, you should aim to get individual feedback to learn how employees might feel more supported. When they give you those suggestions, do your best to incorporate them. This lets members know that they are respected and builds a stronger sense of trust in you as a leader. Extend your own trust to them, too, by encouraging them and granting them the authority to make decisions in their own work days with your leadership.

Recognition and Appreciation
Further intrinsic perks stem from a stronger sense of connection between you and your team members and among themselves. Grow a stronger bond by giving regular, authentic, and custom recognition to each member for a job well done. This involves highlighting the skills they bring to the organization and how they increase the company’s value. In turn, this creates a stronger tie for the individual to the company’s mission and increases confidence going further.
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Community and Connection
Last but not least, strive to foster community and connection every week among your team. While team meetings can be helpful for quick introductions, more intention is required from the manager’s end to cultivate the familial aspect at work many desire.  Platforms like ChattyKathi make breaking the ice, knowing your employees' interests and needs, and developing team bonds so much easier. Greater strength and unity throughout a team benefit the company’s growth potential – employees feel more motivated to give back in spaces where they feel true belonging and satisfaction.  These strategies are bound to increase motivation among your pack. Here’s to a new season and the potential for greatness at work. Cheers!
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