ChattyKathi Launches a New Kind of Social Media Company

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Ericka Schubert

April 23, 2021
Denver, Colorado — Kaybird Technologies announced today the launch of ChattyKathi — a new SMS based social engagement and community building platform. ChattyKathi allows users to create “Kathi Chats” where groups of up to 10 friends can sign up to receive questions and prompts to spark fun, lively conversations and renew connection.
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ChattyKathi is explicitly positioning itself in opposition to the “engagement over all else” ethos of many current social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. “Our existing digital connection methods do more to highlight our loneliness and insecurities than to bring us together as a community. ChattyKathi gives us an opportunity to tighten our relationships without demanding that we broadcast our lives to the whole world. This platform is based on intimacy rather than publicity”, write CEO and Founder Kaylee McHugh.
The founding team is comprised of longtime workers in the tech and entertainment industry.

- Founder and CEO Kaylee McHugh was previously a Technology Consultant at Credera and a Software Engineer at telecommunications company Connect First (acquired by RingCentral).

- Chief Strategy Officer Ericka Schubert was previously Director of Operations at the Las Vegas Film Festival. She completed her MBA at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business in 2020.

- Head of Data and Operations Jason Ganz was previously Chief of Staff at liberal think tank Data for Progress and Head of Analytics at GoCanvas (acquired for $100 million).

ChattyKathi offers both free and paid premium subscription options. Visit to reconnect and spark new life into your friendships today.

ChattyKathi plans to focus for the next six months on organic user acquisition as well as piloting partnerships with community-focused businesses. They will build their audience first in Denver, CO and expand to other communities later in 2021.
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