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Hi! We're Kaylee and Ericka, co-founders of ChattyKathi.

We believe in the transformative power of consistent, fun, meaningful conversations to strengthen communities, one relationship at a time.

Born in 2020 during a time of extreme isolation for many of us, ChattyKathi helps students, coworkers and members feel accepted and cherished by their communities. You can count on Kathi to ask questions that spark joy and feel fun and spontaneous, all while fostering the safe space essential to meaningful connection. We hope you will seize the opportunity to build cohesion within your work team, forge new and lasting bonds between students on and off campus, inspire member engagement and retention, or reconnect with friends and family who you may not get to see everyday.

Why the name "ChattyKathi" ?
"Chatty Kathy” is a term used to describe someone, often times a woman, who talks a lot. For a long time, it was a bad thing to be called a Chatty Kathy. It meant that you were asking too many questions, being too nosy, or being annoying. But, in reality, people who were called Chatty Kathys were just trying to be nice by getting to know the people around them.As a female-founded company, we’re reclaiming the term ChattyKathi. While women may have been called Chatty Kathys negatively in the past, we want everyone to proudly and confidently be able to ask questions, engage in interesting conversations, and share about themselves. When we live in a world that values and celebrates this, we’re happier, work better together, and thrive.

We're delighted you're here. Let's strengthen and celebrate your community together.

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Kaylee McHugh headshot

Kaylee McHugh,

Favorite ChattyKathi Question:

Would you rather have been royalty in medieval times or royalty today? 👑
Ericka Schubert headshot

Ericka Schubert,

Favorite ChattyKathi Question:

What's one place you travelled to that had amazing food? What dish stood out to you?
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