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Socially connected teams see a 21% increase in productivity.
Make your team shine.

Meet Kathi -  the digital social assistant who puts great team bonding ideas at your fingertips.

Kathi gathers insights about your team
Your team members complete a short, 2 minute survey to share important details about themselves.
Kathi provides recommendations
Kathi's algorithm recommends bonding experiences that your whole team will love.
You get endless opportunities to make your team shine
You stand out as the incredible leader of a top performing team that bonds quickly and rises to every occasion.

Turn Insights into Opportunities

ChattyKathi unlocks endless ways for you and your team to connect. We help you host fun events, give gifts that actually get used, spark conversations that help your team bond, and much more.
Be the team leader everyone wants to work for.
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Event Planner
Stop relying on the same old ideas and plan fun team event that get remembered
Gift Identifier
Know the dates that matter and source great ideas for gifts that get used
Chat Integration
Start fun conversations, hosted on platforms you trust
Meeting Starters
Capture attention
Tackle the hard topics

We get it. Providing a fun team experience is hard!

Our customers once faced the same challenge. Now they connect with their teams quickly and ensure each individual feels seen, appreciated, and ready to tackle anything.
Jim Howe headshot
"ChattyKathi ensures that when we get together, we do something we really enjoy!"
- Jim Howe
Project Leader, BCG
Briana Young headshot
"With ChattyKathi, our team actually canceled some of our weekly meetings on conflict. They just weren't necessary any more."
- Briana Young
Admissions Advisor, Skill Distillery
sunni sukumar headshot
"ChattyKathi team are super responsive and patient when I have questions or issues."
- Sunni Sukumar
Marketing Director, Prehired
sandra paul headshot
"I wanted to find a way to stand out as a manager. ChattyKathi made that possible."
- Sandra Paul
Senior Consultant
Aneri headshot
"These are the conversations that you would normally share in the team room and don’t get to have when we don’t see one another in person."
- Aneri
Erin Evans headshot
"ChattyKathi helped our team bond quickly, and our first project with the new client was done in record time and to high praise."
- Erin Evans
Project Manager
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