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Headshot of Jim Howe
Jim Howe
Boston Consulting Group
Uses ChattyKathi to quickly get to know his new project teams
Headshot of Brittney Robertson
Brittney Robertson
Hotel Engine
Used ChattyKathi to help with onboarding of new team members
Headshot of Briana Young
Briana Young
Skill Distillery
Uses ChattyKathi to connect teams even before their first day
Headshot of Courtney Byer
Courtney Byer
UVA Darden School of Business
Uses ChattyKathi to facilitate collaboration between different leaders

Motivate and engage your team all month for less than the cost of a Happy Hour

$99/ month

for small teams

ChattyKathi transforms a team in 3 easy steps:

ChattyKathi's team member profiles and curated chats give your team a space to connect, discover, and bond.
Your team uses ChattyKathi to share who they are outside of the office - making engagement easier online and in-person.
You get insights into who's engaging and who's not, and recommendations on what you can to do help.
Example of a member profile showing Amy Nguyen, a Junior Developer on the engineering team, her interests and chats she's a part of
Image of an example of a member profile showing the CTO of an engineering team, Alex Clark, and his interests and the chats he's a part of.

Engage team members by getting to know them.

Your team is awesome! ChattyKathi empowers your team to share about who they are outside of the office so everyone can express their whole authentic selves.

ChattyKathi has over 100 different interest categories that your team can choose from. Then, we find common connections and spark conversation.

Inspire your team to get to know one another and watch motivation soar.

Motivate Through Belonging.

Sparking conversation between team members is just one way that ChattyKathi facilitates a culture of belonging.

Based on the common interests of your team, ChattyKathi will also recommend meeting starters, virtual and in-person events - even gifts!

ChattyKathi makes you the manager that gets a high five 🙌  after every team activity.
Image of a conversation prompt on a phone that says "What's an awesome vegan restaurant near you?" with three images of people answering the question with "Watercourse, of course! Great 'wings'.", "Ugh I haven't found one yet. Help!", and "Cup of Peace isn't vegan, but has awesome vegan soups."
Example of member sentiment analysis showing that Amy Nguyen has been positive in their chats by sending 70 messages and a 35% response rate. Sam Starlight has been neutral in their chats with 110 messages sent and a 76% response rate. Alex Clark has been negative in their chats with 5 messages sent and a 2% response rate.

Understand your team on a new level.

Our analytics help you better understand your team in ways that surveys can't.

See how positive or negative a team member is feeling, how often they're connecting with other teammates, and get a high level view of your whole team's most common interests and connection points.

Respond to your team's needs before they even ask.

Hosted on the platforms you're already using

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Install the ChattyKathi integration to your existing Slack community.
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Use the text message app that comes with your phone! No new download required.
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Install the ChattyKathi integration to your existing Teams community.
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Brittney Robertson headshot
Brittney Robertson
Hotel Engine Operations, Manager
"Growing a team culture within a new department can be challenging, especially in a remote environment! ChattyKathi provided us with a simple, user-friendly platform to cultivate a positive, engaging and social environment for our team members to find common ground! Her thought provoking prompts have sparked true connections between our associates through celebration of our unique backgrounds and perspectives."
Jim Howe headshot
Jim Howe
Boston Consulting Group, Project Leader
"ChattyKathi has made a big difference with my teams – it’s easier to get to know each member on a more fun and personal level, and we can start conversations more quickly and have them last longer."
Dana Tumpowski headshot
Dana Tumpowski
Hillel for Utah, Director
"CK has been a good partnership - their team is responsive, adaptable, and attuned to a communication style that works with our student population. Highly recommend!"
Sunni Sukumar headshot
Sunni Sukumar
Prehired, Marketing Director
"The ChattyKathi team is super responsive and patient when I have questions or issues. It's been a pleasure getting to know them, and it's clear they love their mission: helping people get to know each other better."
Courtney Byer headshot
Courtney Byer
University of Virginia Darden School of Business,
Student Org Leader
"ChattyKathi has helped our team grow closer and get to know one another on a deeper level through our weekly ChattyKathi chats. It’s a fun, low-pressure way to stay connected throughout our busy schedules."
Brianna Young headshot
Briana Young
Skill Distillery Admissions Advisor
"We saw a huge change when we introduced students via ChattyKathi after admission, one month before they started the program. Students started being able to support one another - and actually built their own communities together. We had 100% graduation rate in that cohort, and actually canceled some of our weekly meetings on student conflict. They just weren't necessary any more."
Elana Fauth headshot
Elana Fauth
Hillel for Utah, Student Org Leader
"Using Chatty Kathi has helped to foster connection between our student leader groups, and other cohorts! In a digital COVID age, it's so important to have outlets for students to connect with each other in virtual spaces, and to have the freedom to learn more about each other casually, with a low barrier to entry. The camaraderie of our students has increased tenfold with the introduction of Chatty Kathi chats!"
Zeke Hanson headshot
Zeke Hanson
Video Producer
"It's so hard to make real friends at work. I've never known how to start a real conversation with my peers that's not just "so, how was your weekend?" ChattyKathi helped us skip past the usual transactional conversation and start actually having fun while getting to know each other better."
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