Lead the team everyone wants to be on.

It should be possible to do great work and be a great team leader at the same time. ChattyKathi bridges the gap so you can do both.

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Start Standing Out.

Team belonging leads to 50% drop in turnover risk and 18X increase in promotion likelihood.
Harvard Business Review, 2019

ChattyKathi makes it easy for you to:

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Host Fun Team Events

based on your team's actual interests
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Virtual and in-person options
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Plan fun events that speak to your team's unique interests - making everyone feel seen and understood
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Never feel at a loss for how to plan a fun activity for your crew
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Break the Ice

with meeting starters that capture attention and build bonds
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Jump-start your meeting with a quick, personalized icebreaker designed for your shared interests
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Converse on topics that help build relationships, proven by friendship psychology
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Fun questions that are quick to answer - so you can feel good and get right back to work
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Show Your Gratitude

with gifts that actually get used and are personalized to your team
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Make your team members feel genuinely appreciated
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Give gifts that the recipients want to keep and are excited to use
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Become the team leader who connects with their team members on a personal level
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Guide Conversations

with our short, facilitated workshops so you don't have to tackle the big questions alone
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Use design thinking to understand what your team cares about so you can build the culture that fits their needs
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Offerings from 30 - 75 minutes to fit into your schedule
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Deeply Understand

how each member of your team is really doing with ChattyKathi's sentiment analysis and analytics
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Respond to your team's needs before they even ask
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Get a high-level view of your whole team's most common interests and connection points
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Bond Quickly

through conversations curated by friendship psychology
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Start fun conversations about the things that make you YOU
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On the platforms you're already using to talk - like Slack and Teams

Add Kathi to your team for $79/ month

For teams of 20 or less
hosted on platforms you trust:
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ChattyKathi takes you from the brink of chaos to everyone's favorite team leader in 3 easy steps:

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Create your account in just a few moments. It's free for you and your team to try.
Invite Your Team
ChattyKathi is more chatty with people to talk to. It's quick and easy to invite your team with our 2-minute survey.
Try it out!
Plan unique events, show your appreciation, or just share a fun conversation.  ChattyKathi is the social glue you've been looking for.
ChattyKathi takes your team's shared interests and unlocks endless ways for you and your team to connect. We help you host fun events, give gifts that actually get used, spark silly conversations that help you bond, and much more.
Be the team leader everyone wants to work for.
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We get it. Providing a fun team experience amidst the chaos of a project is hard!

Our customers once faced the same challenge. No one wants to de-prioritize their team while working to please a client. Our customers connect with their teams quickly and ensure each individual feels seen, appreciated, and ready to tackle anything.
Jim Howe headshot
"ChattyKathi ensures that when we get together, we do something we really enjoy!"
- Jim Howe
Project Leader, BCG
Briana Young headshot
"With ChattyKathi, our team actually canceled some of our weekly meetings on conflict. They just weren't necessary any more."
- Briana Young
Admissions Advisor, Skill Distillery
sunni sukumar headshot
"ChattyKathi team are super responsive and patient when I have questions or issues."
- Sunni Sukumar
Marketing Director, Prehired
sandra paul headshot
"I wanted to find a way to stand out as a manager. ChattyKathi made that possible."
- Sandra Paul
Senior Consultant
Aneri headshot
"These are the conversations that you would normally share in the team room and don’t get to have when we don’t see one another in person."
- Aneri
Erin Evans headshot
"ChattyKathi helped our team bond quickly, and our first project with the new client was done in record time and to high praise."
- Erin Evans
Project Manager
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